Downloadable programs and data from publications

TF2DNA Structure-based determination of transcription factor binding sites
TF2DNA installation program

RF_HA_SRS RF_CB_SRS_OD Statistical pair potentials

SmotifCOMP program SmotifCOMP program (293M)  
Smotif database Smotif Database (MySQL, compressed, 428Mb!)   Readme
SmotifCOMPSuperfamilyNetwork.txt SmotifCOMP-based SCOP Superfamily network   Readme

SmotifCS SMOTIFCS implement a hybrid protein modeling algorithms that relies on a library of protein super-secondary structure motifs (Smotifs) and easily obtainable NMR experimental data.
remodel_pdb Software for remodeling the missing residues in the entire PDB, these remodeled structures can be used in the SmotifTF package.

SAMMI MI-score calculates the average mutual information score for a given multipe sequence alignment.

nr90 NCBI non-redundant database of proteins clusted at 90%.