This page contains All Heavy Atom (RF_HA_SRS) and CB Directional (RF_CB_SRS_OD) statistical potentials described in

  1. D.Rykunov, A.Fiser. - Effects of amino acid composition, finite size of proteins, and sparse statistics on distant dependent statistical pair potentials. - Proteins: 67, 559-568 (2007)
  2. D.Rykunov, A.Fiser. - An exaustive survey of statistical potentials for modeling and quality assessment of protein structures and development of a new energy fuction - submitted (2009)
Be sure to preserve the date of the RF_HA_SRS creation.
Simple program calculating energy of a given protein structure can be downloaded as a Linux executable or as a source tarball.

Potentials and software can be used under GPL license, given the relevant papers are cited. They are free of charge for non-profit research. Commercial users should contact Dr. Andras Fiser for negotiations.

Test set used in the paper [2] can be found here.