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4. Grudman S, Fajardo JE, Fiser A article icon
Optimal selection of suitable templates in protein interface prediction.
(2023) 39( 9) :
PMID: 37603727     PMCID: PMC10491951

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MAT Gain of Activity Mutation in Helicobacter pylori Is Associated with
ACS Infect Dis
(2023) 9( 4) : 966-978
PMID: 36920074     PMCID: PMC10311514

2. Guetta-Terrier C, Karambizi D, Akosman B, Zepecki JP, Chen JS, Kamle S, Fajardo JE, Fiser A, Singh R, Toms SA, Lee CG, Elias JA, Tapinos N article icon
Chi3l1 Is a Modulator of Glioma Stem Cell States and a Therapeutic Target in
Cancer Res
(2023) 83( 12) : 1984-1999
PMID: 37101376     PMCID: PMC10267676

1. Zhu Y, Tazearslan C, Rosenfeld MG, Fiser A, Suh Y article icon
Identification and functional validation of an enhancer variant in the 9p21.3
Aging Cell
(2023) 22( 9) : e13908
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