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8. Gil N, Fiser A article icon
The choice of sequence homologs included in multiple sequence alignments has a dramatic impact on evolutionary conservation analysis.
(2019) 35(1) : 12-19
PMID: 29947739     PMCID: PMC6298051

7. Ajasin DO, Rao VR, Wu X, Ramasamy S, Pujato M, Ruiz AP, Fiser A, Bresnick AR, Kalpana GV, Prasad VR article icon
CCL2 mobilizes ALIX to facilitate Gag-p6 mediated HIV-1 virion release.
(2019) 8,
PMID: 31172941     PMCID: PMC6592687

6. Shrestha R, Garrett SC, Almo SC, Fiser A article icon
Computational Redesign of PD-1 Interface for PD-L1 Ligand Selectivity.
(2019) 27(5) : 829-836.e3
PMID: 30930066     PMCID: PMC6745709

5. Aluri S, Zhao R, Lin K, Shin DS, Fiser A, Goldman ID article icon
Substitutions that lock and unlock the proton-coupled folate transporter (PCFT-SLC46A1) in an inward-open conformation.
J Biol Chem
(2019) 294(18) : 7245-7258
PMID: 30858177     PMCID: PMC6509503

4. Zepecki JP, Snyder KM, Moreno MM, Fajardo E, Fiser A, Ness J, Sarkar A, Toms SA, Tapinos N article icon
Regulation of human glioma cell migration, tumor growth, and stemness gene expression using a Lck targeted inhibitor.
(2019) 38(10) : 1734-1750
PMID: 30353164     PMCID: PMC6462869

3. Viswanathan R, Fajardo E, Steinberg G, Haller M, Fiser A article icon
Protein-protein binding supersites.
PLoS Comput Biol
(2019) 15(1) : e1006704
PMID: 30615604     PMCID: PMC6336348

2. Shrestha R, Fajardo E, Gil N, Fidelis K, Kryshtafovych A, Monastyrskyy B, Fiser A article icon
Assessing the accuracy of contact predictions in CASP13.
(2019) 87(12) : 1058-1068
PMID: 31587357     PMCID: PMC6851495

1. Fajardo JE, Shrestha R, Gil N, Belsom A, Crivelli SN, Czaplewski C, Fidelis K, Grudinin S, Karasikov M, Karczynska AS, Kryshtafovych A, Leitner A, Liwo A, Lubecka EA, Monastyrskyy B, Pages G, Rappsilber J, Sieradzan AK, Sikorska C, Trabjerg E, Fiser A article icon
Assessment of chemical-crosslink-assisted protein structure modeling in CASP13.
(2019) 87(12) : 1283-1297
PMID: 31569265     PMCID: PMC6851497