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4. Visentin M, Unal ES, Najmi M, Fiser A, Zhao R, Goldman ID article icon
Identification of Tyr residues that enhance folate substrate binding and constrain oscillation of the proton-coupled folate transporter (PCFT-SLC46A1).
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol
(2015) 308(8) : C631-41
PMID: 25608532     PMCID: PMC4398847

3. Janakiram M, Chinai JM, Fineberg S, Fiser A, Montagna C, Medavarapu R, Castano E, Jeon H, Ohaegbulam KC, Zhao R, Zhao A, Almo SC, Sparano JA, Zang X article icon
Expression, Clinical Significance, and Receptor Identification of the Newest B7 Family Member HHLA2 Protein.
Clin Cancer Res
(2015) 21(10) : 2359-66
PMID: 25549724     PMCID: PMC4433806

2. Carvallo L, Lopez L, Che FY, Lim J, Eugenin EA, Williams DW, Nieves E, Calderon TM, Madrid-Aliste C, Fiser A, Weiss L, Angeletti RH, Berman JW article icon
Buprenorphine decreases the CCL2-mediated chemotactic response of monocytes.
J Immunol
(2015) 194(7) : 3246-58
PMID: 25716997     PMCID: PMC4369415

1. Vallat B, Madrid-Aliste C, Fiser A article icon
Modularity of Protein Folds as a Tool for Template-Free Modeling of Structures.
PLoS Comput Biol
(2015) 11(8) : e1004419
PMID: 26252221     PMCID: PMC4529212