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5. Pujato M, Kieken F, Skiles AA, Tapinos N, Fiser A article icon
Prediction of DNA binding motifs from 3D models of transcription factors; identifying TLX3 regulated genes.
Nucleic Acids Res
(2014) 42(22) : 13500-12
PMID: 25428367     PMCID: PMC4267649

4. Tudos E, Meszaros B, Fiser A, Simon I article icon
A word of caution about biological inference - Revisiting cysteine covalent state predictions.
FEBS Open Bio
(2014) 4, 310-4
PMID: 24918043     PMCID: PMC4048844

3. Khafizov K, Madrid-Aliste C, Almo SC, Fiser A article icon
Trends in structural coverage of the protein universe and the impact of the Protein Structure Initiative.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
(2014) 111(10) : 3733-8
PMID: 24567391     PMCID: PMC3956173

2. Xie Q, Ung D, Khafizov K, Fiser A, Cvekl A article icon
Gene regulation by PAX6: structural-functional correlations of missense mutants and transcriptional control of Trpm3/miR-204.
Mol Vis
(2014) 20, 270-82
PMID: 24623969     PMCID: PMC3945805

1. Yap EH, Rosche T, Almo S, Fiser A article icon
Functional clustering of immunoglobulin superfamily proteins with protein-protein interaction information calibrated hidden markov model sequence profiles.
J Mol Biol
(2014) 426(4) : 945-61
PMID: 24246499     PMCID: