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6. Yan F, Che FY, Nieves E, Weiss LM, Angeletti RH, Fiser A article icon
Photo-assisted peptide enrichment in protein complex cross-linking analysis of a model homodimeric protein using mass spectrometry.
(2011) 11(20) : 4109-15
PMID: 21834138     PMCID: PMC3465073

5. Lim J, Menon V, Bitzer M, Miller LM, Madrid-Aliste C, Weiss LM, Fiser A, Angeletti RH article icon
Frozen tissue can provide reproducible proteomic results of subcellular fractionation.
Anal Biochem
(2011) ,
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VISTA, a novel mouse Ig superfamily ligand that negatively regulates T cell responses.
J Exp Med
(2011) 208(3) : 577-92
PMID: 21383057     PMCID: PMC3058578

3. Adilakshmi T, Ness-Myers J, Madrid-Aliste C, Fiser A, Tapinos N article icon
A Nuclear Variant of ErbB3 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Regulates Ezrin Distribution and Schwann Cell Myelination.
J Neurosci
(2011) 31(13) : 5106-19
PMID: 21451047     PMCID: PMC3086203

2. Khrapunovich-Baine M, Menon V, Huang Yang CP, Northcote PT, Miller JH, Hogue Angeletti R, Fiser A, Horwitz SB, Xiao H article icon
Hallmarks of molecular action of microtubule stabilizing agents: Effects of epothilone B, ixabepilone, peloruside A, and laulimalide on microtubule conformation.
J Biol Chem
(2011) ,
PMID: 21245138     PMCID: PMC3064228

1. Che FY, Madrid-Aliste C, Burd B, Zhang H, Nieves E, Kim K, Fiser A, Angeletti RH, Weiss LM article icon
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PMID: 20935347     PMCID: PMC3013445