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3. Zhan C, Fedorov EV, Shi W, Ramagopal UA, Thirumuruhan R, Manjasetty BA, Almo SC, Fiser A, Chance MR, Fedorov AA article icon
The ybeY protein from Escherichia coli is a metalloprotein.
Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun
(2005) 61(Pt 11) : 959-63
PMID: 16511207     PMCID: PMC1978141

2. Bonanno JB, Almo SC, Bresnick A, Chance MR, Fiser A, Swaminathan S, Jiang J, Studier FW, Shapiro L, Lima CD, Gaasterland TM, Sali A, Bain K, Feil I, Gao X, Lorimer D, Ramos A, Sauder JM, Wasserman SR, Emtage S, D'Amico KL, Burley SK article icon
New York-Structural GenomiX Research Consortium (NYSGXRC): a large scale center for the protein structure initiative.
J Struct Funct Genomics
(2005) 6(2-3) : 225-32
PMID: 16211523     PMCID:

1. Reichman C, Singh K, Liu Y, Singh S, Li H, Fajardo JE, Fiser A, Birge RB article icon
Transactivation of Abl by the Crk II adapter protein requires a PNAY sequence in the Crk C-terminal SH3 domain.
(2005) 24(55) : 8187-99
PMID: 16158059     PMCID: