Raster3D examples included in distribution kit

Example 1

Illustrates the use of material definitions to alter object properties, and file indirection via the search path defined in environmental variable R3D_LIB.

Example 2

A figure composed using the rods and balls utility programs.

Examples 3, 4 and 5

Worked examples of converting and combining Molscript and GRASP output files into a single Raster3D scene.

Example 6

Illustrates the use of command line options to render (new in version 2.5), including the use of an alpha channel to get a transparent background. This figure was generated using the command below.

Example 7

A labeled figure produced by the label3d script. The example script actually produces a stereo pair that shows labels positioned in three dimensions.

Example 9

A figure composed using the rastep utility program for handling thermal ellipsoids.

render -size 162x192 -alpha -out r3d_example6.gif < example6.r3d

Example 8

A stereo pair made by the stereo3d script.

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