The mission of the Einstein HAND Proteomics Reserach Center is to evaluate the interactions of drug addiction and its treatment on the development and progression of HIV associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND). The central research themes of the pilot Einstein HAND Protoemics Research Center (EHPRC) will focus on:

  • investigating the mecahnismby which HIV infection causes HAND,
  • identify biomarkers for the onset and course of HAND and
  • the potential additive impact of the approaches in human, animals models and cell culture.

Despite the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy for HIV, neurological complications associated with HIV infection—including cognitive, behavioral, and motor abnormalities—have become more common as infected individuals live longer. "More than a quarter of those infected with HIV exhibit some form of cognitive impairment," says Ruth Hogue Angeletti, Ph.D., professor of developmental & molecular biology and of biochemistry at Einstein, who will direct the Einstein Proteomics Research Center for HIV-Associated Neurological Disorders and Substance Abuse. "By the time HIV-infected people have progressed to AIDS, more than half display significant neurological deficits."

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